FAC Number: 2022-08
Effective Date: 10/28/2022

9.207 Changes in status regarding qualification requirements.

      (a) The contracting officer shall promptly report to the agency activity which established the qualification requirement any conditions which may merit removal or omission from a QPL, QML, or QBL or affect whether a source should continue to be otherwise identified as meeting the requirement. These conditions exist when-

           (1) Products or services are submitted for inspection or acceptance that do not meet the qualification requirement;

           (2) Products or services were previously rejected and the defects were not corrected when submitted for inspection or acceptance;

           (3) A supplier fails to request reevaluation following change of location or ownership of the plant where the product which met the qualification requirement was manufactured (see the clause at 52.209-1, Qualification Requirements);

           (4) A manufacturer of a product which met the qualification requirement has discontinued manufacture of the product;

           (5) A source requests removal from a QPL, QML, or QBL;

           (6) A condition of meeting the qualification requirement was violated; e.g., advertising or publicity contrary to 9.204(h)(5);

           (7) A revised specification imposes a new qualification requirement;

           (8) Manufacturing or design changes have been incorporated in the qualification requirement;

           (9) The source is listed in the System for Award Management Exclusions (see subpart  9.4); or

           (10) Performance of a contract subject to a qualification requirement is otherwise unsatisfactory.

      (b) After considering any of the above or other conditions reasonably related to whether a product or source continues to meet the standards specified for qualification, an agency may take appropriate action without advance notification. The agency shall, however, promptly notify the affected parties if a product or source is removed from a QPL, QML, or QBL, or will no longer be identified as meeting the standards specified for qualification. This notice shall contain specific information why the product or source no longer meets the qualification requirement.

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