FAC Number: 2023-01
Effective Date: 12/30/2022

8.1104 Contract clauses.

8.1104 Contract clauses.

Insert the following clauses in solicitations and contracts for leasing of motor vehicles, unless the motor vehicles are leased in foreign countries:

      (a) The clause at 52.208-4, Vehicle Lease Payments.

      (b) The clause at 52.208-5, Condition of Leased Vehicles.

      (c) The clause at 52.208-6, Marking of Leased Vehicles.

      (d) A clause substantially the same as the clause at 52.208-7, Tagging of Leased Vehicles, for vehicles leased over 60 days (see subpart B of 41 CFR part 102-34).

      (e) The provisions and clauses prescribed elsewhere in the FAR for solicitations and contracts for supplies when a fixed-price contract is contemplated, but excluding-

           (1) The clause at 52.211-16, Variation in Quantity;

           (2) The clause at 52.232-1, Payments;

           (3) The clause at 52.222-20, Contracts for Materials, Supplies, Articles, and Equipment; and

           (4) The clause at 52.246-16, Responsibility for Supplies.

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