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FAC Number: 2024-05
Effective Date: 05/22/2024

52.247-47 Evaluation-F.o.b. Origin.

52.247-47 Evaluation-F.o.b. Origin.

As prescribed in 47.305-3(f)(2), insert the following provision. When it is appropriate to use methods other than land transportation in evaluating offers; e.g.,air, pipeline, barge, or ocean tanker, modify the provision accordingly.

Evaluation-F.o.b. Origin (June 2003)

(a) The Government normally uses land methods of transportation by regulated common carrier for shipment within the contiguous United States.

(b) To evaluate offers, the Government will consider only these methods to establish the cost of transportation between offeror’s shipping point and destination (tentative or firm, whichever is applicable) in the contiguous United States.

(c) This transportation cost will be added to the offer price to determine the Government’s overall cost.

(d) When tentative destinations are indicated, the Government will use them only for evaluation purposes. The Government has the right to use any other means of transportation or any other destination at the time of shipment.

(End of clause)

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