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FAC Number: 2024-05
Effective Date: 05/22/2024

52.222-2 Payment for Overtime Premiums.

52.222-2 Payment for Overtime Premiums.

As prescribed in 22.103-5(b), insert the following clause:

Payment for Overtime Premiums (July 1990)

(a) The use of overtime is authorized under this contract if the overtime premium does not exceed *______________ or the overtime premium is paid for work-

(1) Necessary to cope with emergencies such as those resulting from accidents, natural disasters, breakdowns of production equipment, or occasional production bottlenecks of a sporadic nature;

(2) By indirect-labor employees such as those performing duties in connection with administration, protection, transportation, maintenance, standby plant protection, operation of utilities, or accounting;

(3) To perform tests, industrial processes, laboratory procedures, loading or unloading of transportation conveyances, and operations in flight or afloat that are continuous in nature and cannot reasonably be interrupted or completed otherwise; or

(4) That will result in lower overall costs to the Government.

(b) Any request for estimated overtime premiums that exceeds the amount specified above shall include all estimated overtime for contract completion and shall-

(1) Identify the work unit; e.g., department or section in which the requested overtime will be used, together with present workload, staffing, and other data of the affected unit sufficient to permit the Contracting Officer to evaluate the necessity for the overtime;

(2) Demonstrate the effect that denial of the request will have on the contract delivery or performance schedule;

(3) Identify the extent to which approval of overtime would affect the performance or payments in connection with other Government contracts, together with identification of each affected contract; and

(4) Provide reasons why the required work cannot be performed by using multishift operations or by employing additional personnel.

* Insert either "zero" or the dollar amount agreed to during negotiations. The inserted figure does not apply to the exceptions in paragraph (a)(1) through (a)(4) of the clause.

(End of clause)

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