FAC Number: 2022-08
Effective Date: 09/23/2022

52.219-4 Notice of Price Evaluation Preference for HUBZone Small Business Concerns.

As prescribed in 19.1309(b), insert the following clause:

Notice of Price Evaluation preference for HUBZone Small Business Concerns (Sep 2021)

      (a) Evaluation preference.

(1) Offers will be evaluated by adding a factor of 10 percent to the price of all offers, except-

                (i) Offers from HUBZone small business concerns that have not waived the evaluation preference; and

                (ii) Otherwise successful offers from small business concerns.

           (2) The factor of 10 percent shall be applied on a line item basis or to any group of items on which award may be made. Other evaluation factors described in the solicitation shall be applied before application of the factor.

           (3) When the two highest rated offerors are a HUBZone small business concern and a large business, and the evaluated offer of the HUBZone small business concern is equal to the evaluated offer of the large business after considering the price evaluation preference, award will be made to the HUBZone small business concern.

      (b) Waiver of evaluation preference. A HUBZone small business concern may elect to waive the evaluation preference, in which case the factor will be added to its offer for evaluation purposes.

      Offeror elects to waive the evaluation preference.

      (c) Notice. The HUBZone small business offeror acknowledges that a prospective HUBZone awardee must be a HUBZone small business concern at the time of award of this contract. The HUBZone offeror shall provide the Contracting Officer a copy of the notice required by 13 CFR 126.501 if material changes occur before contract award that could affect its HUBZone eligibility. If the apparently successful HUBZone offeror is not a HUBZone small business concern at the time of award of this contract, the Contracting Officer will proceed to award to the next otherwise successful HUBZone small business concern or other offeror.

(End of clause)

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