FAC Number: 2022-06
Effective Date: 05/01/2022

49.403 Termination of cost-reimbursement contracts for default.

      (a) The right to terminate a cost-reimbursement contract for default is provided for in the Termination for Default or for Convenience of the Government clause at 52.249-6. A 10-day notice to the contractor before termination for default is required in every case by the clause.

      (b) Settlement of a cost-reimbursement contract terminated for default is subject to the principles in subparts  49.1 and 49.3 the same as when a contract is terminated for convenience, except that-

           (1) The costs of preparing the contractor’s settlement proposal are not allowable (see paragraph (h)(3) of the clause); and

           (2) The contractor is reimbursed the allowable costs, and an appropriate reduction is made in the total fee, if any, (see paragraph (h)(4) of the clause).

      (c) The contracting officer shall use the procedures in 49.402 to the extent appropriate in considering the termination for default of a cost-reimbursement contract. However, a cost-reimbursement contract does not contain any provision for recovery of excess repurchase costs after termination for default (but see paragraph (g) of the clause at 52.246-3 with respect to failure of the contractor to replace or correct defective supplies).

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