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FAC Number: 2024-05
Effective Date: 05/22/2024

47.305-5 Destination unknown.

47.305-5 Destination unknown.


(1) When destinations are unknown, solicitations shall be f.o.b. origin only.

(2) The contracting officer shall include in the contract file justifications for such solicitations.


(1) When the exact destination of the supplies to be acquired is not known, but the general location of the users can be reasonably established, the acquiring activity shall designate tentative destinations for the purpose of computing transportation costs, showing estimated quantities for each tentative destination.

(2) The contracting officer shall insert in solicitations the provision at 52.247-49, Destination Unknown, when destinations are tentative and only for the purpose of evaluating offers.

(3) If it is necessary to control subsequent shipping weights, the solicitation shall state that subsequent shipments shall be made in carloads or truckloads (see the clause at 52.247-59, F.o.b. Origin-Carload and Truckload Shipments).


(1) When exact destinations are not known and it is impracticable to establish tentative or general delivery places for the purpose of evaluating transportation costs, the contracting officer shall insert in solicitations the provision at 52.247-50, No Evaluation of Transportation Costs.

(2) The solicitation shall also state that the transportation costs of subsequent shipments must be controlled (see, for example, the clause at 52.247-61, F.o.b. Origin-Minimum Size of Shipments).

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