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FAC Number: 2024-05
Effective Date: 05/22/2024

47.303-5 F.o.b. origin, with differentials.

47.303-5 F.o.b. origin, with differentials.

(a) Explanation of delivery term."F.o.b. origin, with differentials" means-

(1) Free of expense to the Government delivered-

(i) On board the indicated type of conveyance of the carrier (or of the Government, if specified) at a designated point in the city, county, and State from which the shipments will be made and from which line-haul transportation service (as distinguished from switching, local drayage, or other terminal service) will begin;

(ii) To, and placed on, the carrier’s wharf (at shipside, within reach of the ship’s loading tackle, when the shipping point is within a port area having water transportation service) or the carrier’s freight station;

(iii) To a U.S. Postal Service facility; or

(iv) If stated in the solicitation, to any Government-designated point located within the same city or commercial zone as the f.o.b. origin point specified in the contract (the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration prescribes commercial zones at Subpart B of 49 CFR part 372); and

(2) Differentials for mode of transportation, type of vehicle, or place of delivery as indicated in contractor’s offer may be added to the contract price.

(b) Contractor responsibilities. The contractor’s responsibilities are the same as those listed in 47.303-1(b).

(c) Contract clause. Insert in solicitations and contracts the clause at 52.247-33, F.o.b. Origin, with Differentials, when it is likely that offerors may include in f.o.b. origin offers a contingency to compensate for unfavorable routing conditions by the Government at the time of shipment.

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