FAC Number: 2023-05
Effective Date: 09/07/2023

36.205 Statutory cost limitations.

36.205 Statutory cost limitations.

(a) Contracts for construction shall not be awarded at a cost to the Government-

(1) In excess of statutory cost limitations, unless applicable limitations can be and are waived in writing for the particular contract; or

(2) Which, with allowances for Government-imposed contingencies and overhead, exceeds the statutory authorization.

(b) Solicitations containing one or more items subject to statutory cost limitations shall state-

(1) The applicable cost limitation for each affected item in a separate schedule;

(2) That an offer which does not contain separately-priced schedules will not be considered; and

(3) That the price on each schedule shall include an approximate apportionment of all estimated direct costs, allocable indirect costs, and profit.

(c) The Government shall reject an offer if its prices exceed applicable statutory limitations, unless laws or agency procedures provide pertinent exemptions. However, if it is in the Government’s interest, the contracting officer may include a provision in the solicitation which permits the award of separate contracts for individual items whose prices are within or subject to applicable statutory limitations.

(d) The Government shall also reject an offer if its prices are within statutory limitations only because it is materially unbalanced. An offer is unbalanced if its prices are significantly less than cost for some work, and overstated for other work.

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