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3.1004 Contract clauses.

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3.1004 Contract clauses.

3.1004 Contract clauses.

      (a) Insert the clause at FAR 52.203-13, Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, in solicitations and contracts if the value of the contract is expected to exceed $6 million and the performance period is 120 days or more.


(1) Unless the contract is for the acquisition of a commercial product or commercial service or will be performed entirely outside the United States, insert the clause at 52.203-14, Display of Hotline Poster(s), if–

                (i) The contract exceeds $6 million or a lesser amount established by the agency; and


(A) The agency has a fraud hotline poster; or

                     (B) The contract is funded with disaster assistance funds.

           (2) In paragraph (b)(3) of the clause, the contracting officer shall–

                (i) Identify the applicable posters; and

                (ii) Insert the website link(s) or other contact information for obtaining the agency and/or Department of Homeland Security poster.

           (3) In paragraph (d) of the clause, if the agency has established policies and procedures for display of the OIG fraud hotline poster at a lesser amount, the contracting officer shall replace " $6 million " with the lesser amount that the agency has established.