Part Number: 1034

Department of Treasury Acquisition Regulation

1034.001 Definitions.

As used in this part -

Development, Modernization, Enhancement (DME) is the portion of an IT investment/project which deals with developing and implementing new or enhanced technology in support of an agency's mission.

Major acquisitions for development are defined as contracts, awarded in support of one or more Major IT investments with DME activities, which meet the contract threshold for fully applying FAR 34.2 procedures.

Performance-based acquisition management means a documented, systematic process for program management, which includes integration of program scope, schedule and cost objectives, establishment of a baseline plan for accomplishment of program objectives, and use of earned value techniques for performance measurement during execution of the program. A performance-based acquisition (as defined in FAR 37.101) or an acquisition with a defined quality assurance plan that includes performance standards/measures should be the basis for monitoring the contractor.

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