Part Number: 1032

Department of Treasury Acquisition Regulation

1032.770-4 Policy.

(a) A fixed-price, time-and-materials or labor-hour contract or order for commercial or non-commercial supplies or severable or non-severable services may be incrementally funded when -

(1) Funds are provided to a Treasury Departmental Office or Bureau under a CR. This includes funds appropriated to a bureau, funds appropriated to another entity that will be directly obligated on a Treasury contract, and funds in a revolving fund or similar account that will be reimbursed by a customer agency funded by a CR;

(2) Sufficient funds are not being allocated from the responsible fiscal authority to fully fund the contract action that is otherwise authorized to be issued;

(3) There is no statutory restriction that would preclude the proposed use of funds;

(4) Funds are available and unexpired, as of the date the funds are obligated;

(5) Assurance is provided by the responsible financial authority that full funding is anticipated once an Appropriation Act is enacted; and

(6) The clause prescribed by 1032.770-7 is incorporated into the contract or order.

(b) Incremental funding may be limited to individual line item(s) or a particular order(s).

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