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Part Number: 2901

Department of Labor Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 2901.1 - Purpose, Authority, Issuance

2901.101 Purpose.

(a) Chapter 29, Department of Labor Acquisition Regulation, is established within Title 48 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation System of the Code of Federal Regulations.

(b) The purpose of the DOLAR is to implement the FAR, and to supplement the FAR when coverage is needed for subject matter not covered in the FAR. The DOLAR is not by itself a complete document, as it must be used in conjunction with the FAR.

2901.103 Authority.

The DOLAR is issued pursuant to the authority of the Secretary of Labor under 5 U.S.C. 301 and 40 U.S.C. 486(c). This authority has been delegated to the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management under Secretary's Order 4-76 in accordance with FAR 1.301(d)(3).

2901.105-2 Arrangement of regulations.

(a) Numbering. Where DOLAR implements the FAR, the implementing part, subpart, section or subsection of the DOLAR is numbered and captioned, to the extent feasible, the same as the FAR part, subpart, section or subsection being implemented, except that the section or subsection being implemented is preceded with a 29 or a 290 such that there will always be four numbers to the left of the first decimal. For example, the DOLAR implementation of FAR l.105-l is shown as 290l.105-1 and the DOLAR implementation of FAR subpart 24.1 is shown as DOLAR subpart 2924.1. Material which supplements the FAR is assigned the subsection numbers 70 and up. For example, the DOL regulation governing appointment and termination of contracting officers' technical representatives is identified as 2901.603-71.

(b) References to FAR materials within the DOLAR will include the acronym FAR and the identifying number, for example, FAR l.104-2(c)(2). References to DOLAR materials within the DOLAR simply cite the identifying number, for example, 2901.104-2(c)(2).

2901.105-3 Copies.

Copies of the DOLAR published in the Federal Register, CD-ROM, or Code of Federal Regulations may be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402, or from the Government Printing Office Web Page, Requests should reference the DOLAR as chapter 29 of title 48. The Code of Federal Regulations is printed in paperback edition with updates as needed. Additional information on DOL may be obtained on the Internet at Other DOL procurement policy documents referenced within the DOLAR may be available when appropriate by mail from the Division of Acquisition Management Services.