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Part Number: 2917

Department of Labor Acquisition Regulation

2917.504 Ordering procedures.

(a) Requests for the processing of interagency agreements must be submitted to the procurement office serving the requisitioning office.

(b) The procurement request must state whether the work is to be performed by a DOL organization, a Federal agency other than DOL, or through one of these entities by a contractor.

(c) Where the Economy Act is to be used as the authority for an interagency acquisition, the requisitioning office must include the facts which support the conclusion that it is more economical to obtain the required supplies or services through the proposed interagency agreement, rather than by direct contract with a commercial concern. Current market prices or recent procurement prices may be used in this process.

(d) Orders placed under interagency agreements may take any form that is legally sufficient and reflects the agreement of the parties.

(e) The contracting officer, or authorized official, must assure compliance with the ordering procedures and payment provisions prescribed in FAR 17.504 and FAR 17.505, and require inclusion of the following provisions in all interagency agreements and/or orders placed against them:

(1) Legislative authority;

(2) Period of performance;

(3) Dollar amount of agreement;

(4) Billing provisions, including the name and address of the following offices:

(i) Designated office to receive the required deliverables; and

(ii) Designated office to receive billings and process payments;

(5) Modification and termination provisions; and

(6) Other provisions, as appropriate.

(f) The contracting officer must assure that each interagency agreement or order placed against it includes a reference number assigned by each of the parties. Such numbers must be assigned in accordance with the existing procedures established by the respective organizations.

(g) Modifications to existing interagency agreements may be accomplished through the use of an SF 30, Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract, or through any other format acceptable to the parties.