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Part Number: 2915

Department of Labor Acquisition Regulation

2915.606 Agency procedures.

When an unsolicited proposal is received by an official of the Department of Labor, the recipient of the proposal must forward it to the HCA. The HCA must address the requirements of FAR 15.604. The HCA must determine if there is an office(s) within the Department of Labor whose mission could be impacted by the proposal. If there is, the HCA must designate a recipient within that office as an “assignee”, and take the following action:

(a) Within seven (7) working days of receipt, the HCA must forward the proposal to the assignee along with instructions concerning the security, review and disposition of the document.

(1) Inform the offeror of this transfer in writing (preferably by facsimile or other electronic means).

(2) Within one (1) month of receipt of the unsolicited proposal by the assignee, the office receiving the proposal must determine the merit of the unsolicited proposal.

(i) If the office finds insufficient merit to consider the unsolicited proposal further, then a letter will be sent to inform the offeror that their proposal will not be considered further, and is not being retained.

(ii) If, after a comprehensive evaluation as defined by FAR 15.606-2, the office finds merit in the proposal, it must consult with a Department of Labor contracting officer for direction in complying with FAR 15.607. If not excluded by a condition of FAR 15.607(a), a requisition may be prepared in accordance with FAR 15.607(b). If the requirement exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold inclusive of options then a request must be prepared for the Procurement Review Board in accordance with Department of Labor procedures stated in Department of Labor Manual Series 2-830 (available by mail from the Division of Acquisition Management Services).

(b) If within one

(1) month of receipt (by the HCA) no assignee can be identified, the HCA must notify the offeror that the proposal is not being considered further.