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Part Number: 2910

Department of Labor Acquisition Regulation

2910.002 Procedures.

(a) In accordance with FAR 6.302-1(c), purchase descriptions must not specify a product, or specific feature of a product, peculiar to a manufacturer unless they are justified to the contracting officer in writing by the office initiating the purchase request. The justification must state that the product, or specific product feature, is essential to the Government's requirements and other similar products or features will not meet these requirements. This determination must be signed by a representative of the office originating the request and must accompany the purchase requisition submitted to the appropriate contracting office. If such a justification is not made, the contracting officer may assume that another make and model or a generic product could equally meet the DOL requirement.

(b) In accordance with FAR 10.002(b), the requisitioning office must submit to the contracting officer information demonstrating that a variety of products from various commercial sources have been considered. This requirement is not necessary for required sources (See FAR 8.001). Orders to be placed against non-mandatory sources, such as the Federal Supply Schedules, or other Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts, should include product information concerning multiple sources based on research from site or other sources. When documented in this manner, the contracting officer may rely on this information in developing a procurement strategy, or for documenting the comparison of catalogs or pricelists.