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Part Number: 2909

Department of Labor Acquisition Regulation

2909.402 Policy.

(a) This subpart prescribes DOL policies and procedures governing the debarment and suspension of contractors, the listing of debarred and suspended contractors, contractors declared ineligible (see FAR 9.403) and distribution of the list. This subpart does not apply to Department of Labor debarments or suspensions issued for Davis-Bacon Act and Davis-Bacon Related Act violations, Service Contract Act violations, Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity violations, or violations under other statutes administered by the Department of Labor.

(b) Contracting activity officials shall have the following responsibilities.

(1) Heads of contracting activity (HCA) shall:

(i) Provide an effective system to ensure that contracting staffs consult the “List of Parties Excluded from Federal Procurement and Nonprocurement Programs” at before soliciting offers, awarding or extending contracts, or consenting to subcontract.

(ii) Consider debarment or suspension of a contractor when cause, as defined under FAR 9.406-2 for debarment and FAR 9.407-2 for suspension, is shown. Contracting officers should consult with their appropriate legal counsel before making a decision to initiate debarment or suspension proceedings. If a determination is made that available facts do not justify beginning debarment or suspension proceedings, the file should be documented accordingly. This determination is subject to reconsideration if warranted by new information.

(iii) When the decision is made to initiate debarment and/or suspension of a contractor, the Senior Procurement Executive must prepare a notice in accordance with FAR 9.406-3(c) or FAR 9.407-3(c). The draft notice, along with the administrative file containing all relevant facts and analysis, must be forwarded to the Senior Procurement Executive, as the debarring and suspending official, following review by the activity's legal counsel.

(2) The Senior Procurement Executive shall:

(i) Review the notice and administrative file for sufficiency and provide for review by other DOL officials as considered appropriate;

(ii) In accordance with FAR 9.406-3(c) or FAR 9.407-3(c), if it is determined that action is warranted, give the contractor prompt notice of the proposed debarment or suspension;

(iii) Direct additional fact-finding as necessary when material facts are in dispute;

(iv) Notify the contractor and any affiliates involved of the final decision to debar or suspend, including a decision not to debar or suspend, in accordance with FAR 9.406-3(c) and FAR 9.407-3(c);

(v) Be responsible for accomplishing the actions required in FAR 9.404(c) within five working days after debarring or suspending a contractor or modifying or rescinding such an action;

(vi) Maintain Department-wide records of debarred or suspended contractors in accordance with FAR 9.404.