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Part Number: 2901

Department of Labor Acquisition Regulation

2901.603-72 Administrative procurement management reviews.

(a) The Senior Procurement Executive is responsible for performing administrative procurement reviews for each procurement office in the Department of Labor, except the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). The purpose of these reviews is to audit internal controls to ensure compliance with established procurement law, regulations, policies, procedures and applicable directives. The reviews are to emphasize the development and improvement of managerial controls and best practices.

(b) The administrative procurement review system is a three-pronged approach that includes self-assessment, statistical data for validation, and flexible quality reviews and assessment techniques. This system is required to:

(1) Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of office acquisition systems;

(2) Assess the adequacy of policies, procedures and regulations governing the acquisition process; and

(3) Identify and implement changes necessary to improve the systems.

(c) The Senior Procurement Executive shall establish procurement review procedures, which will focus on:

(1) Conformance with policies of the FAR, DOLAR and the Department of Labor Manual Series 2-800 and 2-900.

(2) Conformance with federal reporting requirements for the Department of Labor.

(3) Understanding of new department-wide or government-wide initiatives (e.g., E-Procurement).

(4) Government-wide procedures established by the Office of Management and Budget.

(d) HCAs are responsible for ensuring contracting activity compliance with law and regulations through the review and oversight process.