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Part Number: 2901

Department of Labor Acquisition Regulation

2901.603-70 Responsibility of other government personnel.

(a) Only DOL personnel with contracting authority shall obligate DOL to any type of contractual obligation and only to the extent of their delegated authority. Responsibility for determining how to buy, the conduct of the buying process, and execution of the contract rests with the contracting officer.

(b) Personnel responsible for determining agency needs should maintain a close and continuous relationship with their contracting officer to ensure that acquisition personnel are made aware of contemplated acquisition actions. This will be mutually beneficial in terms of better planning for acquisition action and more timely, efficient and economical acquisition.

(c) Personnel not delegated contracting authority or insufficient contracting authority may not commit the Government, formally or informally, to any type of contractual obligation. However, DOL personnel who must use the contracting process to accomplish their programs must support the contracting officer to ensure that:

(1) Requirements are clearly defined and specified without being overly restrictive in accordance with FAR 11.002;

(2) Competitive sources are solicited, evaluated, and selected as appropriate;

(3) The FAR and the Competition in Contracting Act requirements for full and open competition are satisfied to the maximum extent practicable. Sole source purchases may only be permitted in accordance with FAR Subpart 6.3 or other applicable provisions of the FAR (e.g. FAR part 8) or federal law;

(4) Quality standards are prescribed, and met;

(5) Performance or delivery is timely;

(6) Files are documented to substantiate the judgments, decisions, and actions taken, including compliance with paragraphs (c)(2) and (3) of this section;

(7) Requirements are written so as to encourage competition and to comply with regulations and federal policy for meeting acquisition goals such as performance-based contracting, HUBZone contractors, etc. The contracting officer will identify these programs to the program office.