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Part Number: 2901

Department of Labor Acquisition Regulation

2901.601 General.

(a) This section deals with contracting authority and responsibilities of the head of the agency as described in 2902.1, FAR subpart 1.6 and this subpart.

(1) The authority and responsibility vested in the Secretary to contract for authorized supplies and services is delegated to the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management.

(2) The Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management may delegate contracting authority to a bureau or agency within the Department of Labor as he/she delineates in writing.

(b) The Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management, acting through the Senior Procurement Executive, may delegate additional procurement authority subject to the issuance of warrants by the Senior Procurement Executive, and reserves the right to rescind any acquisition authority, if it is determined that such action is in the best interest of the Government.