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Change Number: DFARS PGI Change 04/25/2024
Effective Date: 04/25/2024

PGI 204.804 Closeout of contract files.

PGI 204.804 Closeout of contract files.

(1) Data supporting contract closeout (e.g., DD Form 1594, Contract Completion Statement) are electronically transmitted throughout DoD. Defense Logistics Manual 4000.25, Defense Logistics Management Standards (DLMS), Volume 7, Contract Administration, Chapter 4, Contract Completion Status Reporting, available at, contains detailed instructions regarding closeout and electronic data transmission.

(i) The administration office closeout date for file purposes will be the date in Block 9d of the DD Form 1594 or agency equivalent.

(ii) If the contracting office must do a major closeout action that will take longer than 3 months after the date shown in Block 9d of the DD Form 1594—

(A) The purchasing office closeout date for file purposes will be the date in Block 10e of the DD Form 1594 or agency equivalent; and

(B) The contracting office shall notify the contract administration office of the revised closeout date by either sending a copy of the completed DD Form 1594 or by electronically transmitting the data.

(iii) Completion of block 10 is not required, when the contracting office accepts the closeout date in block 9d of the DD Form 1594 (or agency equivalent) and the contract completion statement is posted to the Electronic Data Access (EDA) system as required by PGI 204.804-2.

(iv) Closeouts posted to EDA are considered part of the contract file and do not need to be duplicated in any other version of the contract file.

(v) A contract modification is not needed to deobligate excess funds when block 5 is completed, and this deobligation will occur upon distribution of the contract completion statement. Send a notification and a copy of the contract completion statement to the comptroller to allow general ledger reconciliation.

(vi) A contract qualifies for an automated closeout process if the contract—

(A) Only has firm-fixed-price line items;

(B) Does not exceed $500,000; and

(C) Does not include any of the following provision and clauses:

(1) FAR 52.211-11, Liquidated Damages—Supplies, Services, or Research and Development.

(2) FAR 52.216-7, Allowable Cost and Payment.

(3) FAR 52.227-9, Refund of Royalties.

(4) FAR 52.227-11, Patent Rights—Ownership by the Contractor.

(5) FAR 52.227-13, Patent Rights—Ownership by the Government.

(6) FAR 52.232-16, Progress Payments.

(7) FAR 52.232-29, Terms for Financing of Purchases of Commercial Products and Commercial Services.

(8) FAR 52.232-30, Installment Payments for Commercial Products and Commercial Services.

(9) FAR 52.232-32, Performance-Based Payments.

(10) FAR 52.245-1, Government Property.

(11) FAR 52.248-1, Value Engineering.

(D) DoD components may add further limitations to ensure all contract requirements have been completed prior to closeout.

(E) Basic ordering agreements, blanket purchase agreements, and indefinite-delivery contracts can be automatically closed using automated contract closeout procedures after all orders are closed and the ordering period has expired.

(3)(iv) A department or agency requesting a waiver of any provisions of acquisition law or regulation to carry out the closeout procedures shall forward the request and any supporting documentation to the Office of the Principal Director, Defense Pricing and Contracting (Contract Policy) via email to The Principal Director, Defense Pricing and Contracting, will forward the request to USD(A&S), as appropriate.