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Change Number: DFARS Change 05/30/2024
Effective Date: 05/30/2024

Subpart 213.1 - PROCEDURES

Subpart 213.1 - PROCEDURES

213.101 General.

Structure awards valued above the micro-purchase threshold (e.g., contract line items, delivery schedule, and invoice instructions) in a manner that will minimize the generation of invoices valued at or below the micro-purchase threshold.

213.104 Promoting competition.

For information on the various approaches that may be used to competitively fulfill DoD requirements, see PGI 213.104 .

213.106 RESERVED

213.106-1 Soliciting competition.

(a) Considerations.

(2)(i) Include an evaluation factor regarding supply chain risk (see subpart 239.73) when acquiring information technology, whether as a service or as a supply, that is a covered system, is a part of a covered system, or is in support of a covered system, as defined in 239.7301 .

(ii) See 215.101-2-70 for limitations and prohibitions on the use of the lowest price technically acceptable source selection process, which are applicable to simplified acquisitions.

(iii) See 217.7801 for the prohibition on the use of reverse auctions for personal protective equipment and aviation critical safety items.

213.106-1-70 Soliciting competition - tiered evaluation of offers.

See limitations on the use of tiered evaluation of offers at 215.203-70 .

213.106-2 Evaluation of quotations or offers.

(b)(i) See 204.7603 for procedures on the requirement for contracting officers to consider Supplier Performance Risk System risk assessments as a basis of award.

213.106-2-70 Solicitation provision.

Use the provision at 252.204-7024, Notice on the Use of the Supplier Performance Risk System, as prescribed in 204.7604.


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