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Change Number: DFARS Change 04/25/2024
Effective Date: 04/25/2024

252.217-7007 Payments.

252.217-7007 Payments.

As prescribed in 217.7104 (a), use the following clause:


(a) “Progress payments,” as used in this clause, means payments made before completion of work in progress under a job order.

(b) Upon submission by the Contractor of invoices in the form and number of copies directed by the Contracting Officer, and as approved by the Contracting Officer, the Government will make progress payments as work progresses under the job order.

(1) Generally, the Contractor may submit invoices on a semi-monthly basis, unless expenditures justify a more frequent submission.

(2) The Government need not make progress payments for invoices aggregating less than $5,000.

(3) The Contracting Officer shall approve progress payments based on the value, computed on the price of the job order, of labor and materials incorporated in the work, materials suitably stored at the site of the work, and preparatory work completed, less the aggregate of any previous payments.

(4) Upon request, the Contractor will furnish the Contracting Officer any reports concerning expenditures on the work to date that the Contracting Officer may require.

(c) The Government will retain until final completion and acceptance of all work covered by the job order, an amount estimated or approved by the Contracting Officer under paragraph (b) of this clause. The amount retained will be in accordance with the rate authorized by Congress for Naval vessel repair contracts at the time of job order award.

(d) The Contracting Officer may direct that progress payments be based on the price of the job order as adjusted as a result of change orders under the Changes clause of the Master Agreement. If the Contracting Officer does not so direct—

(1) Payments of any increases shall be made from time to time after the amount of the increase is determined under the Changes clause of the Master Agreement; and

(2) Reductions resulting from decreases shall be made for the purposes of subsequent progress payments as soon as the amounts are determined under the Changes clause of the Master Agreement.

(e) Upon completion of the work under a job order and final inspection and acceptance, and upon submission of invoices in such form and with such copies as the Contracting Officer may prescribe, the Contractor shall be paid for the price of the job order, as adjusted pursuant to the Changes clause of the Master Agreement, less any performance reserves deemed necessary by the Contracting Officer, and less the amount of any previous payments.

(f) All materials, equipment, or any other property or work in process covered by the progress payments made by the Government, upon the making of those progress payments, shall become the sole property of the Government, and are subject to the provisions of the Title clause of the Master Agreement.

(End of clause)


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