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Change Number: DFARS Change 03/26/2024
Effective Date: 03/26/2024

217.7404 Limitations.

217.7404 Limitations.

See PGI 217.7404 for additional guidance on obtaining approval to authorize use of an undefinitized contact action, documentation requirements, and other limitations on their use.

(a) Foreign military sales contracts.

(1) A contracting officer may not enter into a UCA for a foreign military sale unless—

(i) The UCA provides for agreement upon contractual terms, specifications, and price by the end of the 180-day period beginning on the date on which the contractor submits a qualifying proposal; and

(ii) The contracting officer obtains approval from the head of the contracting activity to enter into a UCA in accordance with 217.7404-1 .

(2) The head of the contracting activity may waive the requirements of paragraph (a)(1) of this section, if a waiver is necessary in order to support any of the following operations:

(i) A contingency operation.

(ii) A humanitarian or peacekeeping operation.

(b) Unilateral definitization by a contracting officer. Any UCA with a value greater than $50 million may not be unilaterally definitized until—

(1) The earlier of—

(i) The end of the 180-day period, beginning on the date on which the contractor submits a qualifying proposal to definitize the contractual terms, specifications, and price; or

(ii) The date on which the amount of funds expended under the contractual action is equal to more than 50 percent of the negotiated overall not-to-exceed price for the contractual action;

(2) The head of the contracting activity, without power of redelegation, approves the definitization in writing;

(3) The contracting officer provides a copy of the written approval to the contractor; and

(4) A period of 30 calendar days has elapsed after the written approval is provided to the contractor.


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