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Change Number: DFARS Change 03/26/2024
Effective Date: 03/26/2024

209.570-3 Procedures.

209.570-3 Procedures.

(a) In making a responsibility determination before awarding a contract for the acquisition of a major system, the contracting officer shall—

(1) Determine whether the prospective contractor meets the definition of “lead system integrator”;

(2) Consider all information regarding the prospective contractor’s direct financial interests in view of the prohibition at 209.570-2 (a); and

(3) Follow the procedures at PGI 209.570-3 .

(b) A determination to use a contractor to perform lead system integrator functions in accordance with 209.570-2 (c)(2)—

(1) Shall specify the reasons why it would not be practicable to carry out the acquisition without continuing to use a contractor to perform lead system integrator functions, including a discussion of alternatives, such as use of the DoD workforce or a system engineering and technical assistance contractor;

(2) Shall include a plan for phasing out the use of contracted lead system integrator functions over the shortest period of time consistent with the interest of the national defense; and

(3) Shall be provided to the Committees on Armed Services of the Senate and the House of Representatives at least 45 days before the award of a contract pursuant to the determination.


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