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Change Number: DFARS Change 04/25/2024
Effective Date: 04/25/2024

201.404 Class deviations.

201.404 Class deviations.

(b)(i) Except as provided in paragraph (b)(ii) of this section, OUSD(A&S)DPC is the approval authority within DoD for any class deviation.

(ii) The senior procurement executives for the Army, Navy, and Air Force, and the Directors of the Defense Commissary Agency, the Defense Contract Management Agency, and the Defense Logistics Agency, may approve any class deviation, other than those described in 201.402 (1), that does not—

(A) Have a significant effect beyond the internal operating procedures of the department or agency;

(B) Have a significant cost or administrative impact on contractors or offerors;

(C) Diminish any preference given small business concerns by the FAR or DFARS; or

(D) Extend to requirements imposed by statute or by regulations of other agencies such as the Small Business Administration and the Department of Labor.


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