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Part Number: 970

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 970.29 - Taxes

970.2902 Federal excise taxes.

970.2902-3 Other Federal tax exemptions.

(a) The exemption respecting taxes on communication services or facilities has been held to extend to such services when furnished to Department of Energy (DOE) management and operating contractors who pay for such services or facilities from advances made to them by DOE under their contracts.

(c) Where it is considered that a request for an additional exemption in the performance of a management and operating contract would be justified, a recommendation that such a request be made should be forwarded to the Chief Financial Officer, Headquarters.

(d) Where tax exemption certificates are required in connection with the taxes cited in this section, the Head of the Contracting Activity will supply standard Government forms (SF 1094, U.S. Tax Exemption Certificate) on request.

970.2903 State and local taxes.

970.2903-2 Application of State and local taxes to the Government.

It is DOE policy to secure those immunities or exemptions from state and local taxes to which it is entitled under the Federal Constitution or state laws. In carrying out this policy, the Heads of Contracting Activities shall -

(a) Take all necessary steps to preclude payment of any taxes for which any of the immunities or exemptions cited in this subpart are available. Advice of Counsel should be sought as to the availability of such immunities or exemptions; and

(b) Acquire directly and furnish to contractors as Government furnished property, equipment, material, or services when, in the opinion of the Head of the Contracting Activity -

(1) Such direct acquisition will result in substantial savings to the Government, taking into consideration any additional administrative costs;

(2) Such direct acquisition will not have a substantial adverse effect on the relationship between DOE and its contractor; and

(3) Such direct acquisition will not have a substantial adverse effect on the DOE program or schedules.

970.2904 Contract clauses.

970.2904-1 Management and operating contracts.

(a) Pursuant to 48 CFR 29.401-4(b), the clause at 48 CFR 52.229-10, State of New Mexico Gross Receipts and Compensating Tax, is applicable to management and operating contracts that meet the three conditions stated. The contracting officer shall modify paragraph (b) of the clause to replace the phrase “Allowable Cost and Payment” with the phrase “Payments and Advances.”

(b) Contracting officers shall include the clause at 970.5229-1, State and Local Taxes, in management and operating contracts.