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Part Number: 945

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 945.5 - Support Government Property Administration

945.570 Management of Government property in the possession of contractors.

945.570-1 Acquisition of motor vehicles.

(a) GSA Interagency Fleet Management System (GSA-IFMS) is the first source of supply for providing motor vehicles to contractors; however, contracting officer approval is required for contractors to utilize this service.

(b) Prior approval of GSA must be obtained before -

(1) Fixed-price contractors can use the GSA-IFMS;

(2) DOE-owned motor vehicles can be furnished to any contractor in an area served by GSA-IFMS; and

(3) A contractor can commercially lease a motor vehicle for more than 60 days after GSA has determined that it cannot provide the required vehicle.

(c) GSA has the responsibility for acquisition of motor vehicles for Government agencies. All requisitions shall be processed via GSA AutoChoice in accordance with 41 CFR 101-26.501.

(d) Contractors shall submit all motor vehicle requirements to the contracting officer for approval.

(e) The acquisition of sedans and station wagons is limited to small, subcompact, and compact vehicles which meet Government fuel economy standards. The acquisition of light trucks is limited to those vehicles which meet the current fuel economy standards set by Executive Orders 12003 and 12375.

(f) Cost reimbursement contractors may be authorized by the contracting officer to utilize GSA Federal Supply Schedule 751, Leasing of Automobiles and Light Trucks, for short term rentals not to exceed 60 days, and are required to utilize available GSA consolidated leasing programs for long term (60 continuous days or longer) commercial leasing of passenger vehicles and light trucks.

(g) The Personal Property Policy Division, within the Headquarters procurement organization shall certify all requisitions prior to submittal to GSA for the following:

(1) The acquisition of sedans and station wagons.

(2) The lease (60 continuous days or longer) of any passenger automobile.

(3) The acquisition or lease (60 continuous days or longer) of light trucks less than 8,500 GVWR.

(h) Purchase requisitions for other motor vehicles may be submitted directly to GSA when approved by the contracting officer.

(i) Contractors shall thoroughly examine motor vehicles acquired under a GSA contract for defects. Any defect shall be reported promptly to GSA, and repairs shall be made under terms of the warranty.

945.570-2 Disposition of motor vehicles.

(a) The contractor shall dispose of DOE-owned motor vehicles as directed by the contracting officer.

(b) DOE-owned motor vehicles may be disposed of as exchange/sale items when directed by the contracting officer; however, a designated DOE official must execute the Title Transfer forms (SF-97).

945.570-3 Reporting motor vehicle data.

(a) Contractors conducting motor vehicle operations shall forward annually to the contracting officer their plan for acquisition of motor vehicles for the next fiscal year for review, approval and submittal to DOE Headquarters. This plan shall conform to the fuel efficiency standards for motor vehicles for the applicable fiscal year, as established by Executive Orders 12003 and 12375 and as implemented by GSA and current DOE directives. Additional guidance for the preparation of the plan will be issued by the contracting officer, as required.

(b) Contractors operating DOE-owned, GSA leased and/or commercially leased (for 60 continuous days or longer) motor vehicles shall prepare and electronically submit the following annual year-end reports to the contracting officer:

(1) Annual Motor Vehicle Fleet Report.

(2) Federal Fleet Report (41 CFR 102-34.335).