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Part Number: 945

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 945.1 - General

945.101 Definitions.

Capital equipment, as used in this part, means personal property items having anticipated service life in excess of two years, regardless of type of funding, and having the potential for maintaining their integrity as capital items, i.e., not expendable due to use; dollar threshold for capital equipment is as established by the DOE Financial Management Handbook.

Personal property, as used in this part, means property of any kind or interest therein, except real property, records of the Federal Government, and nuclear and special source materials, atomic weapons, and by-product materials.

Sensitive property, as used in this part, has the meaning contained in 48 CFR 45.101.

945.102-70 Reporting of contractor-held property.

The Head of the Contracting Activity may be required to report the following information to the Personal Property Policy Division, within the Headquarters procurement organization:

(a) Name and address of each contractor with DOE personal property in their possession, or in the possession of their subcontractors (do not include grantees, cooperative agreements, interagency agreements, or agreements with state or local governments).

(b) Contract number of each DOE contract with Government personal property.

(c) Date contractor's property management system was approved and by whom (DOE office, Defense Contract Management Command, or the Office of Naval Research).

(d) Date of most current appraisal of contractor's property management system, who conducted the appraisal, and status of the system (satisfactory or unsatisfactory).

(e) Total acquisition value of DOE personal property for each DOE contract administered by the contracting activity.

945.102-71 Maintenance of records.

The contracting activity shall maintain records of approvals and reviews of contractors' property management systems, the dollar value of DOE property as reported on the most recent semiannual financial report, and records on property administration delegations to other Government agencies.

945.102-72 Reporting of contractor sensitive property inventory.

The contractor must develop and maintain a list of personal property items considered sensitive. Sensitive Items List must be approved by the PA/OPMO annually.

945.170 Providing Government property to contractors.

945.170-1 Policy.

The DOE has established specific policies concerning special nuclear material requirements needed under DOE contracts for fabricating end items using special nuclear material, and for conversion or scrap recovery of special nuclear material. Special nuclear material means uranium enriched in the isotopes U233 or U235, and/or plutonium, other than PU238. The policies to be followed are:

(a) Special nuclear material will be furnished by the DOE for fixed-price contracts and subcontracts, at any tier, which call for the production of special nuclear products, including fabrication and conversion, for Government use. (The contractor or subcontractor must have the appropriate license or licenses to receive the special nuclear material. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is the licensing agency.)

(b) Contracts and subcontracts for fabrication of end items using special nuclear material generally shall be of the fixed-price type. Cost-type contracts or subcontracts for fabrication shall be used only with the approval of the Head of the Contracting Activity. This approval authority shall not be further delegated.

(c) Contracts and subcontracts for conversion or scrap recovery of special nuclear material shall be of a fixed-price type, except as otherwise approved by the Head of the Contracting Activity.