Part Number: 917

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 917.74 - Acquisition, Use, and Disposal of Real Estate

Source: 61 FR 41707, Aug. 9, 1996, unless otherwise noted.

917.7401 General.

The acquisition of real estate requires the involvement of a DOE Certified Realty Specialist, as specified at 917.7402. Special circumstances and situations may arise under cost-type contracts when, in the performance of the contract or subcontract, the performer shall be required, or otherwise find it necessary, to acquire real estate or interests therein by:

(a) Purchase, on DOE's behalf or in its own name, with title eventually vesting in the Government.

(b) Lease for which DOE will reimburse the contractor for the pre-approved costs incurred under the lease.

(c) Acquisition of temporary interest through easement, license or permit, and DOE funds the cost of the temporary interest.

917.7402 Policy.

It is the policy of the Department of Energy that, when real estate acquisitions are made, the following policies and procedures shall be applied to such acquisitions -

(a) Real estate acquisitions shall be mission essential; effectively, economically, and efficiently managed and utilized; and disposed of promptly, when not needed;

(b) Acquisitions shall be justified, with documentation which describes the need for the acquisitions, general requirements, cost, acquisition option considerations with the best acquisition method to be used, site investigation reports, site recommended for selection, property appraisal reports, and include the review and approval by the applicable DOE Certified Realty Specialist in accordance with DOE Order 430.1B, or its successor version; and

(c) Acquisition by lease, in addition to the requirements in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section:

(1) Shall not exceed a one-year term if funded by one-year appropriations.

(2) May exceed a one-year term, when the lease is for special purpose space funded by no-year appropriations and approved by a DOE Certified Realty Specialist.

(3) Shall contain an appropriate cancellation clause which limits the Government's obligation to no more than the amount of rent to the earliest cancellation date plus a reasonable cancellation payment.

(4) Shall be consistent with Government laws, regulations, and the DOE Order 430.1B, or its successor version, applicable to real estate acquisition.

(d) Any real property actions require the involvement of the applicable DOE Certified Realty Specialist.

917.7403 Contract clause.

The clause at 952.217-70, Acquisition of Real Property, shall be included in contracts including modifications where contractor acquisitions of real property are expected to be made.