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Part Number: 945

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

945.602-3 Screening.

(a) Standard screening.

(1) Prior to reporting excess property to GSA, all reportable property, as identified in Federal Management Regulations 41 CFR 102-36.220, shall be reported for centralized screening in the DOE Energy Asset Disposal System (EADS). Reportable excess personal property will be screened internally via the EADS system for a period of 12 days.

(i) EADS requires the inclusion of a six character Activity Address Code (AAC) which identifies the reporting contractor. The AAC will be assigned by DOE Headquarters upon receipt of a formal letter of authorization signed by the DOE contracting officer.

(ii) Requests to establish, extend or delete an Activity Address Code shall be submitted by the contracting officer to the Office of Property Management, Personal Property Policy Division, within the Headquarters procurement organization.

(b) Special screening requirements. (2) Special test equipment with commercial components. - Prior to reporting the property to GSA in accordance with 48 CFR 45.604-1 (a), (b) and (c), the property shall be reported and screened within DOE in accordance with 945.602-3(a) and 945.602-70.

(3) Printing equipment. All printing equipment excess to requirements shall be reported to the Office of Administration at Headquarters.