945.102-70 Reporting of contractor-held property.

The Head of the Contracting Activity may be required to report the following information to the Personal Property Policy Division, within the Headquarters procurement organization:

(a) Name and address of each contractor with DOE personal property in their possession, or in the possession of their subcontractors (do not include grantees, cooperative agreements, interagency agreements, or agreements with state or local governments).

(b) Contract number of each DOE contract with Government personal property.

(c) Date contractor's property management system was approved and by whom (DOE office, Defense Contract Management Command, or the Office of Naval Research).

(d) Date of most current appraisal of contractor's property management system, who conducted the appraisal, and status of the system (satisfactory or unsatisfactory).

(e) Total acquisition value of DOE personal property for each DOE contract administered by the contracting activity.