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(ARC) User Guide

Acquisition Regulation Comparator (ARC) User Guide

Accessing the ARC

To access the ARC, visit,


If you are already on the homepage, select the tools dropdown where you’ll find the Acquisition Regulation Comparator (ARC) option: Tools Dropdown


Scroll down to the quick link panel on the home page and click on the ARC button:

ARC button on homepage

Selecting Regulations

The FAR is pre-selected as the first regulation to compare against. It can be changed if desired. 

Either select from the dropdown menu in the three column view:

ARC 1st column regulation select dropdown

Or, select the slider on the left hand side of the page to open a primary regulation quick select window for a high visibility button selection option that will populate the primary selection column:

ARC side panel

Next, select the second regulation you would like to compare in the middle column:

ARC parts selected

If you want to compare a third regulation, select the “Add Another Regulation” button in the rightmost column: 

ARC select reg 3

Selecting a Part

To select a part, open the slider on the left and select a part from the dynamic list of parts available in the chosen primary regulation:

ARC Select Parts


Select a part by choosing one from either of the part dropdowns that appear once a second regulation is selected in column 2:

ARC Two parts selection dropdowns circled in red

Selecting Subparts

Once you have selected the regulations and part, select the subparts you would like to compare for each regulation:

ARC Subparts not selected

Selecting a subpart will automatically select the equivalent subparts across all columns:

ARC subparts selected

If you want to see all the subparts for a particular part, toggle the “Select All” checkbox and every subpart will be selected across all the columns.

ARC all subparts selected

Comparison Results

When you are ready to see the results, click “Generate Comparison”:

ARC generate comparison button click

The results will align across the columns according to the matching subparts and sections:

ARC results view

If there is a large blank space in one regulation and not another, it means that there is either no subpart or section to compare, or the content for one regulation is longer than the others: 

ARC with only results in 1st column

The ARC has a search function. You can search keywords in the filtered regulations to quickly navigate to relevant topics of interest in the content. You can find the search box in the top right portion of the compare window:

ARC search button location

Start typing a term, number or title into the search box and the results will highlight automatically. If there are a lot of results, it will take a moment longer for the highlight to appear:  

ARC search text highlighted

If there are no results, the search box will notify you with a popup that says “No Results” under the search bar:

ARC no search term results

New Comparison

To change the selection, you can select the “Change Selection(s)” button and re-filter the regulations, according to new criteria:

ARC change selection

Clicking "Change Selection" will re-open your current selection where you can change any of the filtering criteria:

ARC return to filters

Enhance Compare Visibility

Just like, the ARC can utilize the visibility enhancements we have added to for a better viewing experience, including Full Screen Mode. This mode takes the entire screen space to provide maximum viewing real estate:

ARC full screen small text

Combine the large text feature with full screen for an even clearer reading experience:

ARC full screen large text


High Visibility and night modes also function within the ARC:

ARC high visibility

ARC high visibility 2


In the unlikely event that you are experiencing any persistent functionality issues, first try opening the ARC in a different browser. The ARC is supported in Google Chrome, MS Edge and Firefox. However, Internet Explorer is not supported, as it has reached its end of life. Usually, pressing F5 will fix any on screen issues as well. If neither of these solutions fix the issues you are experiencing, you can reach out through the contact us button located on the left slide menu to submit an inquiry:

ARC contact us button

Thank you!

We hope the ARC is able to positively impact your activities as an acquisition workforce professional!