750.7106-1 General.

Link to an amendment published at 89 FR 4207, Jan. 23, 2024.

The mere fact that losses occur under a Government contract is not, by itself, a sufficient basis for the exercise of the authority conferred by the Executive Order. Whether, in a particular case, appropriate action such as amendment without consideration, correction of a mistake or ambiguity in a contract, or formalization of an informal commitment, will protect the foreign policy interests of the United States is a matter of sound judgment to be made on the basis of all of the facts of such case. Although it is obviously impossible to predict or enumerate all the types of cases with respect to which action may be appropriate, examples of certain cases or types of cases where action may be proper are set forth in sections 750.7106-2 through 750.7106-4. Even if all of the factors contained in any of the examples are present, other factors or considerations in a particular case may warrant denial of the request. These examples are not intended to exclude other cases where the approving authority determines that the circumstances warrant action.