552.232-5 Payments under Fixed-Price Construction

As prescribed in 532.111 (b), insert the following clause:

Payments under Fixed-Price Construction (Mar 2019)

FAR 52.232-5, Payments under Fixed-Price Construction Contracts, is supplemented as follows:

(a)Before submitting a request for payment, the Contractor shall, unless directed otherwise by the Contracting Officer, attend pre-invoice payment meetings, as scheduled, with the designated Government representative for the purpose of facilitating review and approval of payment requests. Payment meetings will be conducted and may be in person. The Contractor shall provide documentation to support the prospective payment request.

(b)The Contractor shall submit its invoices to the Contracting Officer, unless directed otherwise by the Contracting Officer. Separate payment requests shall be submitted for progress payments, payments of retainage, and partial or final payments.

(c)The Contractor shall use GSA Form 2419 Certification of Progress Payments Under Fixed-Price Construction Contracts to provide the certification required under FAR 52.232-5(c).

(d)The Contractor shall use GSA Form 1142 Release of Claims to provide the certification required under FAR 52.232-5(h).

(e)If an invoice does not meet the requirements of FAR 52.232-27 and GSAM 552.232-27, the Contracting Officer may return the invoice to the Contractor without payment for correction. If the Contracting Officer disputes the requested payment amount, the Government may pay the portion of the requested payment that is undisputed.

(f)GSA will not be obligated to issue final payment unless the Contractor has furnished to the Contracting Officer a release of claims against the Government relating to the contract, and submitted all required product warranties, as-built drawings, operating manuals, and other items as specified in the contract. The Contractor may reserve from the release specific claims only if such claims are explicitly identified with stated claim amounts.

(End of clause)