Subpart 532.1 —Financing for Other Than a Commercial Purchase

532.103 Progress payments under construction contracts.

GSA Form 184 and, to the extent necessary, GSA Forms 184A and 184B, shall be prepared by Government personnel or agents of GSA to document satisfactory progress of work prior to processing each progress payment request submitted by the construction contractor in accordance with FAR 52.232-5 and 552.232-5. Generally, construction contractors are not considered agents of GSA. Certain other contractors, including, but not necessarily limited to, construction management contractors (CMs), however, may be considered agents of GSA if they are authorized to act on behalf of GSA to obtain the information for the referenced forms.

532.111 Contract clauses for non-commercial purchases.

(a) FAR deviation. GSA has a FAR deviation that allows use of the clause at 552.232-1 in lieu of the FAR clause at 52.232-1. Insert the clause at 552.232-1, Payments, in solicitations and contracts when a fixed-price supply contract, a fixed-price service contract, or a contract for nonregulated communication services is contemplated, in lieu of the FAR clause at 52.232-1.

(b) Construction contracts. Insert the clause at 552.232-5, Payments under Fixed-Price Construction Contracts, in solicitations and contracts when a fixed-price construction contract is contemplated.

532.112 Non payment of subcontractors under contracts other than for commercial products and commercial services.

532.112-1 Subcontractor assertions of nonpayment.

If the contracting officer determines under FAR 32.112-1 that a contractor’s certification of payment is inaccurate in any material respect, the contracting officer shall report the matter to the Office of Inspector General.