PGI 215.404-70 DD Form 1547, Record of Weighted Guidelines Method Application.

(1) The DD Form 1547—

(i) Provides a vehicle for performing the analysis necessary to develop a profit objective; and

(ii) Provides a format for summarizing profit amounts subsequently negotiated as part of the contract price.

(2) The contracting officer shall—

(i) Use and prepare a DD Form 1547 whenever a structured approach to profit analysis is required by DFARS 215.404-4(b) (see DFARS 215.404-71, 215.404-72, and 215.404-73 for guidance on using the structured approaches). Administrative instructions for completing the form are in PGI 253.215-70 .

(ii) Ensure that the DD Form 1547 is accurately completed. The contracting officer is responsible for the correction of any errors detected by the management system auditing process.