5317.7402 Exceptions

(a)(4) See 5317.7402 Exceptions when contracting for long-lead items initiated with advance procurement funds. Follow DFARS 217.74 when contracting for long-lead items procured with other than advance procurement funds. When procurement funds must be added to an undefinitized long-lead procurement contract issued with advance procurement funds prior to definitization, follow the procedures at DFARS 217.74 .

(b) When complying with the requirements described in DFARS 217.7402(b), SCOs must provide a courtesy copy to SAF/AQC . Maintain proof of submission in the contract file.

5317.7404-5 Exceptions

(b) See MP5301.601-90. Submit requests for waivers through the SCO to SAF/AQC for approval.

5317.7405 Plans and Reports

To comply with the Consolidated UCA Management Plan and Semi-annual Consolidated UCA Management Report requirements described in DFARS 217.7405, SCOs are required to ensure UCAs with a value equal to or exceeding $5 million are input/updated in the UCA Reporting Tool on a semi-annual basis no later than April 10th and October 10th of each year. For any reportable UCA that falls 30 days behind its schedule, update status in the reporting tool to identify actions taken to get back on schedule. In addition, the SCO shall ensure a copy of the record of weighted guidelines, or alternative documentation, for each definitized UCA with a value equal to or exceeding $100 million, as described in DFARS PGI 217.7405(1), is included with the semi-annual reporting. Special access program offices will provide the information directly to the DAS(C)/ADAS(C), as appropriate.