42.1503 Procedures.

(a)(1) Contracting officers are responsible for coordination with the technical office, quality assurance, DCMA counterparts, and other end users of the product or service, as necessary, to complete their assessment and input past performance information into CPARS. The DLA Acquisition Procurement Process and Systems Division will track compliance on a monthly basis and report to the DLA Acquisition Director.

(h)(3) The DLA Acquisition Procurement Process and Systems Division is the CPARS focal point. Each procuring organization shall designate a FAPIIS point of contact (POC) to input information provided by the contracting officer into FAPIIS. FAPIIS POCs shall notify the contracting officer when the record has been submitted. The contracting officer shall document the contract file to show that the action was reported to FAPIIS. The procuring organization FAPIIS POC shall report contract terminations to the DLA Acquisition Procurement Process and System Division FAPIIS POC via email to FAPIISInbox@dla.mil and include the contract number, date and type of termination, any change, and when data was reported to FAPIIS.