1652.204-71 Coordination of Benefits.

As prescribed in 1604.7001, the following clause shall be inserted in all FEHBP contracts:

Coordination of Benefits (JAN 1991)

(a) The Carrier shall coordinate the payment of benefits under this contract with the payment of benefits under Medicare, other group health benefits coverages, and the payment of medical and hospital costs under no-fault or other automobile insurance that pays benefits without regard to fault.

(b) The Carrier shall not pay benefits under this contract until it has determined whether it is the primary carrier or unless permitted to do so by the Contracting Officer.

(c) In coordinating benefits between plans, the Carrier shall follow the order of precedence established by the NAIC Model Guidelines for Coordination of Benefits (COB) as specified by OPM.

(d) Where

(1) the Carrier makes payments under this contract which are subject to COB provisions; (2) the payments are erroneous, not in accordance with the terms of the contract, or in excess of the limitations applicable under this contract; and (3) the Carrier is unable to recover such COB overpayments from the Member or the providers of services or supplies, the Contracting Officer may allow such amounts to be charged to the contract; the Carrier must be prepared to demonstrate that it has made a diligent effort to recover such COB overpayments.

(e) COB savings shall be reported by experience rated carriers each year along with the Carrier's annual accounting statement in a form specified by OPM.

(f) Changes in the order of precedence established by the NAIC Model Guidelines implemented after January 1 of any given year shall be required no earlier than the beginning of the following contract term.

(End of clause)