3401.303 Publication and codification.

(a) The EDAR is issued as chapter 34 of title 48 of the CFR.

(1) The FAR numbering illustrations at FAR 1.105-2 apply to the EDAR.

(2) The EDAR numbering system corresponds with the FAR numbering system. An EDAR citation will include the prefix “34” prior to its corresponding FAR part citation; e.g., FAR 25.108-2 would have corresponding EDAR text numbered as EDAR 3425.108-2.

(3) Supplementary material for which there is no counterpart in the FAR will be codified with a suffix beginning with “70” or, in cases of successive sections and subsections, will be numbered in the 70 series (i.e., 71-79). These supplementing sections and subsections will appear to the closest corresponding FAR citation; e.g., FAR 16.4 (Incentive Contracts) may be augmented in the EDAR by citing EDAR 3416.470 (Award Term) and FAR 16.403 (Fixed-price incentive contracts) may be augmented in the EDAR by citing EDAR 3416.403-70 (Award fee contracts). (Note: These citations are for illustrative purposes only and may not actually appear in the published EDAR). For example:

FAR Is implemented as Is augmented as
15 3415 3415.70
15.1 3415.1 3415.170
15.101 3415.101 3415.101-70
15.101-1 3415.101-1 3415.101-1-70
15.101-1(b) 3415.101-1(b) 3415.101-1(b)(70)
15.101-1(b)(1) 3415.101-1(b)(1) 3415.101-1(b)(1)(70)

(c) Activity-specific authority. Guidance that is unique to an organization with HCA authority contains that activity's acronym directly preceding the cite. The following activity acronyms apply:

FSA - Federal Student Aid.