2914.407-3 Other mistakes disclosed before award.

(a) The authority to make determinations, as conferred by FAR 14.407-3(e) is delegated to the HCA, without power of redelegation, but only after consultation with the Office of the Solicitor. All such determinations shall be documented in the contract file.

(b) The following procedures must be followed when submitting doubtful cases of mistakes in bids to the Comptroller General for an advance decision, as provided by FAR 14.407-3(i).

(1) Requests must be made by the HCA after consultation with the Office of the Solicitor.

(2) Requests must be in writing, dated, signed by the requestor, addressed to the Comptroller General of the United States, General Accounting Office, Washington, DC 20548, and contain the following:

(i) The name and address of the party requesting the decision; and

(ii) A statement of the question to be decided, a presentation of all relevant facts, a statement of the requesting party's position with respect to the question, and copies of all pertinent records and supporting documentation.