970.1504-2 Price negotiation.

(a) Management and operating contract prices (fee) and DOE obligations to support contract performance shall be governed by:

(1) The level of activity authorized and the amount of funds appropriated for DOE approved programs by specific program legislation;

(2) Congressional budget and reporting limitations;

(3) The amount of funds apportioned to DOE;

(4) The amount of obligation authority allotted to program officials and Approved Funding Program limitations; and

(5) The amount of funds actually available to the DOE operating activity as determined in accordance with applicable financial regulations and directives.

(b) Funds shall be obligated and made available by contract provision or modification after the funds become available for obligation for payment to support performance of DOE approved projects, tasks, work authorizations, or services.

(c) Contractor expenditures shall be limited to the overall amount of funds available and obligated on the contract. As prescribed at 970.3270(b), the clause at 970.5232-4, Obligation of Funds, is used for this purpose.