Subpart 5111.1 - Selecting and Developing Requirements Documents

5111.103 Market acceptance.

(a) The Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology) has the authority to require offerors to demonstrate that items offered meet the standards as set forth in FAR 11.103(a). See Appendix GG for further delegation.

5111.106 Cloud Requirements.

5111.106 (S-90)

The Army Enterprise Cloud Management Agency (ECMA) is the central point for all efforts and processes related to cloud adoption across the Army. The ECMA established a standardized cloud architecture intended for use by all Army mission areas. Through ECMA, the Army must collect, consolidate, and report commercial cloud spending. To achieve this objective, ECMA implemented the Technology Business Management (TBM) taxonomy with associated General Services Administration Product Service Codes (PSCs) and Contract Line-Item Numbers (CLINs) to provide more accurate and comprehensive reporting of cloud investments. See Appendix HH – Cloud Computing for the TBM taxonomy.

5111.106 (S-91)

ECMA provides enterprise-level contracts for commercial Cloud Service Providers (CSP) offerings, common services, and application migration support. Where feasible and cost effective, the ECMA will leverage DoD Enterprise contracts such as the Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability (JWCC) contract; while establishing Army Enterprise Cloud Contracts based on mission requirements.

(a) Army requiring activities will continue to use the Cloud Account Management Optimization (CAMO) production contract for Impact Level (IL) 5 and below cloud requirements.

(b) Army requiring activities will leverage the DoD JWCC contract for all new non-intelligence Secret (IL 6) cloud requirements; however, the Army will continue to centrally manage the procurement of cloud resources through ECMA to comply with reporting and tracking requirements. Army requiring activities will contact ECMA at with their cloud service offering (CSO).

(c) Army requiring activities with existing CSO procurements that fund CSO usage with other means (e.g., Other Direct Costs on existing contracts), will coordinate with ECMA to develop transition plans to the Army approved CSO contract vehicles.

(d) The Army will continue to centrally manage the procurement of all existing and new Intelligence Community (IC) Component and Top-Secret cloud requirements through the Army Military Intelligence Cloud Computing Service Provider (AC2SP), using the Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) and Commercial Cloud Enterprise (C2E) contracts through the IC CloudWorks Program Management Office. Army requiring activities with Intelligence CSO requirements will contact the HQDA-DCS-G2 for AC2SP.

5111.106 (S-92)

All cloud requirements owners shall use the CLIN descriptions aligned to the prescribed PSCs, located in AFARS Appendix HH, for all new cloud-related requirements for entry into contract management and portfolio management systems. The requiring organization shall identify the cloud activity, the assigned TBM tower, and PSC to enable clear mapping of the requirement to an appropriate CLIN(s). The prescribed PSCs are further aligned to the designated TBM investment areas for government-wide reporting requirements. Cloud requirements owners shall include applicable Performance Work Statement language, identified in Appendix HH, and ensure all cloud-related requirements and resulting contract action(s) implement the Army’s Common Cloud Contracting Language.