Subpart 5111.1 - Selecting and Developing Requirements Documents

5111.103 Market acceptance.

(a) The Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology) has the authority to require offerors to demonstrate that items offered meet the standards as set forth in FAR 11.103(a). See Appendix GG for further delegation.

5111.106 Cloud Requirements.

5111.106 (S-90)

The Army Enterprise Cloud Management Office (ECMO) is the central point for all efforts and processes related to cloud adoption across the Army. The ECMO will establish a standardized cloud architecture intended for use by all Army mission areas.

5111.106 (S-91)

ECMO will provide enterprise-level contracts for commercial CSP offerings, common services, and application migration support. Where feasible and cost effective, the ECMO will leverage DoD Enterprise contracts such as the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract; while establishing Army Enterprise Cloud Contracts based on mission requirements.

5111.106 (S-92)

Purchase Request Packages for NEW contracts for CLOUD Computing Services shall include the approved standard language in the Performance Work Statement unless a waiver approved by ECMO is included. This includes Follow-On Contracts. The approved PWS language applies to contract actions for Migrating to the Cloud, New SW development in the Cloud, Follow-On Contracts related to Common Services and Management, and Cloud Hosting, Use of Enterprise solutions. PWS subject areas include Use of Enterprise Services, Modernization/Migration, Software Development, Security, Data, Cloud Service Providers, Common Services, Security Incident Planning, Security, and Cost/price management & Reporting. The standard PWS language is provided in Appendix HH.

5111.106 (S-93)

Purchase Request Packages for Exercising an Option on an Existing Contracts are coordinated with ECMO IAW 5111.70. The coordination document shall be filed in the contract file.

5111.106 (S-94)

New contracts for Cloud Migration, Hosting, and Managed Services Contracting Officers and requiring activities will maximize use of the CLIN/SLIN descriptions in accordance with Appendix HH.

5111.106 (S-95)

Prior to Issuing a NEW order against an existing contract that does not accommodate the standard PWS/requirement (See Appendix HH), then during the engagement with ECMO, the requiring activity should consider alternate contracting methods that may include issuing a new contract.