Subpart 1219.2 - Policies

1219.201 General policy.

(c) The Director, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (S-40), is responsible for carrying out the functions and duties in sections 8, 15, and 31 of the Small Business Act, as amended. (15 U.S.C. 637, 644, and 657.)

Subpart 1219.8 - Contracting with the Small Business Administration (The 8(a) Program)

1219.800 General.

(f) The Small Business Administration (SBA) and DOT have entered into a Partnership Agreement (PA) authorizing DOT contracting officers to enter into direct 8(a) contracts on behalf of SBA.

1219.811-3 Contract clauses.

(d)(3) When an acquisition is processed pursuant to the DOT/SBA Partnership Agreement, the contracting officer shall use the clause at (FAR) 48 CFR 52.219-18, Notification of Competition Limited to Eligible 8(a) Concerns, with its Alternate III, (TAR) 48 CFR 1252.219-72.

(f) The contracting officer shall insert the clause at 1252.219-71, Section 8(a) Direct Awards, in all solicitations and contracts processed under the PA. In accordance with the CAAC Letter 98-3, the following FAR clauses shall not be used when processing a Direct 8(a) award under the MOU: (FAR) 48 CFR 52.219-11, Special 8(a) Contract Conditions, (FAR) 48 CFR 52.219-12, Special 8(a) Subcontract Conditions, and (FAR) 48 CFR 52.219-17, Section 8(a) Award.

1219.812 Contract administration.

(d) All direct 8(a) awards made pursuant to the PA are subject to 15 U.S.C. 637(a) (21). These contracts contain the clause at (TAR) 48 CFR 1252.219-71, Section 8(a) Direct Award, which requires the 8(a) contractor to notify the SBA and the contracting officer when ownership of the firm is being transferred.

Subpart 1219.10 - Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program

1219.1003 Purpose.

(b) Contracting officers shall use the targeted industry categories listed at (TAR) 48 CFR 1219.1005(b) to expand small business participation in the small business competitive demonstration program.

1219.1005 Applicability.

(b) Targeted industry categories. DOT's targeted industry categories are shown in appendix A to this part.