Subpart 2815.2 - Solicitation and Receipt of Proposals and Information

2815.205 Issuing solicitations.

Solicitations involving classified information shall be handled in accordance with the policies and procedures contained in Departmental regulations and other offices, boards, divisions, and bureaus (OBDBs) prescribed policies and regulations that supplement Departmental regulations.

2815.207 Handling proposals and information.

Classified proposals and quotations shall be handled in accordance with the current DOJ Order agency regulations and any supplemental directives or orders implemented by the OBDBs. Such supplemental regulations must have the prior approval of the AAG/A before implementation in accordance with the Departmental regulations.

Subpart 2815.4 - Contract Pricing

2815.404 Proposal analysis.

2815.404-2 Information to support proposal analysis.

All requests for field pricing support shall be made by the contracting officer directly to the cognizant audit agency. A copy of the request for such services shall be sent to the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (OIG) at the address shown in this subsection at the time it is mailed to the cognizant audit agency. A copy of each report received shall also be sent to the OIG. Requests for other audit assistance may be made to the Assistant Inspector General for Audits, Suite 5000, 1425 New York Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20530.

2815.404-4 Profit.

If a contractor insists on a price or demands a profit or fee that the contracting officer considers unreasonable and the contracting officer has taken all authorized actions to negotiate a reasonable price or profit or fee without success, the contracting officer shall then refer the contract action to the HCA or designee.

2815.407-4 Should-cost review.

In acquisitions for which a program should-cost review is conducted, the required should-cost review team report shall be prepared in accordance with bureau procedures.

Subpart 2815.6 - Unsolicited Proposals

2815.606 Agency procedures.

(a) Each contracting activity shall designate a point of contact for the receipt and handling of unsolicited proposals. Generally, the official designated shall be the BPC or immediate subordinate.

(b) The designated point of contact for each contracting activity shall provide for and coordinate receipt, review, evaluation, and final disposition of unsolicited proposals in accordance with FAR subpart 15.6.