252.217-7028 Over and Above Work.

As prescribed in 217.7702 , use a clause substantially as follows:


(a) Definitions. As used in this clause—

(1) “Over and above work” means work discovered during the course of performing overhaul, maintenance, and repair efforts that is—

(i) Within the general scope of the contract;

(ii) Not covered by the line item(s) for the basic work under the contract; and

(iii) Necessary in order to satisfactorily complete the contract.

(2) “Work request” means a document prepared by the Contractor which describes over and above work being proposed.

(b) The Contractor and Administrative Contracting Officer shall mutually agree to procedures for Government administration and Contractor performance of over and above work requests. If the parties cannot agree upon the procedures, the Administrative Contracting Officer has the unilateral right to direct the over and above work procedures to be followed. These procedures shall, as a minimum, cover—

(1) The format, content, and submission of work requests by the Contractor. Work requests shall contain data on the type of discrepancy disclosed, the specific location of the discrepancy, and the estimated labor hours and material required to correct the discrepancy. Data shall be sufficient to satisfy contract requirements and obtain the authorization of the Contracting Officer to perform the proposed work;

(2) Government review, verification, and authorization of the work; and

(3) Proposal pricing, submission, negotiation, and definitization.

(c) Upon discovery of the need for over and above work, the Contractor shall prepare and furnish to the Government a work request in accordance with the agreed-to procedures.

(d) The Government shall—

(1) Promptly review the work request;

(2) Verify that the proposed work is required and not covered under the basic contract line item(s);

(3) Verify that the proposed corrective action is appropriate; and

(4) Authorize over and above work as necessary.

(e) The Contractor shall promptly submit to the Contracting Officer, a proposal for the over and above work. The Government and Contractor will then negotiate a settlement for the over and above work. Contract modifications will be executed to definitize all over and above work.

(f) Failure to agree on the price of over and above work shall be a dispute within the meaning of the Disputes clause of this contract.

(End of clause)