252.217-7016 Plant Protection.

As prescribed in 217.7104 (a), use the following clause:


(a) The Contractor shall provide, for the plant and work in process, reasonable safeguards against all hazards, including unauthorized entry, malicious mischief, theft, vandalism, and fire.

(b) The Contractor shall also provide whatever additional safeguards are necessary to protect the plant and work in process from espionage, sabotage, and enemy action.

(1) The Government shall reimburse the Contractor for that portion of the costs of the additional safeguards that is allocable to the contract in the same manner as if the Contracting Officer had issued a change order for the additional safeguards.

(2) The costs reimbursed shall not include any overhead allowance, unless the overhead is incident to the construction or installation of necessary security devices or equipment.

(c) Upon payment by the Government of the cost of any device or equipment required or approved under paragraph (b) of this clause, title shall vest in the Government.

(1) The Contractor shall comply with the instructions of the Contracting Officer concerning its identification and disposition.

(2) No such device or equipment shall become a fixture as a result of its being affixed to realty not owned by the Government.

(End of clause)