247.301 General.

See PGI 247.301 for transportation guidance relating to Government Purchase Card purchases.

247.301-70 Definition.

"Integrated logistics managers" or "third-party logistics providers" means providers of multiple logistics services. Some examples of logistics services are the management of transportation, demand forecasting, information management, inventory maintenance, warehousing, and distribution.

247.301-71 Evaluation factor or subfactor.

For contracts that will include a significant requirement for transportation of items outside the contiguous United States, include an evaluation factor or subfactor that favors suppliers, third-party logistics providers, and integrated logistics managers that commit to using carriers that participate in one of the readiness programs (e.g., Civil Reserve Air Fleet and Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement).

247.305 Solicitation provisions, contract clauses, and transportation factors.

247.305-10 Packing, marking, and consignment instructions.

Follow the procedures at PGI 247.305-10 for preparation of consignment instructions.

247.370 DD Form 1384, Transportation Control and Movement Document.

The transportation office of the shipping activity prepares the DD Form 1384 to accompany all shipments made through a military air or water port, in accordance with DoD 4500.9-R, Defense Transportation Regulation, Part II, Chapter 203. A link to this document is available in PGI 247.370 .

247.371 DD Form 1653, Transportation Data for Solicitations.

The transportation specialist prepares the DD Form 1653 to accompany requirements for the acquisition of supplies. The completed form should contain recommendations for suitable f.o.b. terms and other suggested transportation provisions for inclusion in the solicitation.

247.372 DD Form 1654, Evaluation of Transportation Cost Factors.

Contracting personnel may use the DD Form 1654 to furnish information to the transportation office for development of cost factors for use by the contracting officer in the evaluation of f.o.b. origin offers.