225.7902-5 Solicitation provision and contract clause.

(a) Use the provision at 252.225-7046 , Exports by Approved Community Members in Response to the Solicitation, in solicitations containing the clause at 252.225-7047 .

(b)(1) Use the clause at 252.225-7047 , Exports by Approved Community Members in Performance of the Contract, in solicitations and contracts when—

(i) Export-controlled items are expected to be involved in the performance of the contract and the clause at 252.225-7048 is used; and

(ii) At least one contract line item is intended to satisfy a U.S. DoD Treaty-eligible requirement.

(2) The contracting officer shall complete paragraph (b) of the clause using information the program manager provided as required by 225.7902-4 (a).